Best Trucking Transportation Company in Utah

Westroc Trucking is an industry-leading oil rig moving operation that offers safe, fast, and reliable rig moving services anywhere in the United States.  Westroc’s skilled employees continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  We understand that both safety and time are of the utmost importance. Westroc Trucking can usually move any type of drilling rig faster than the other guys while maintaining a laser-sharp focus on safety.  We bring the “time is money” mentality to every job and because of our experience and efficiencies usually, bring our customers substantial savings in the process.

In addition to oilfield and gas operations, Westroc Trucking has expanded and developed industry-leading expertise in moving equipment and materials for the wind, solar, mining, and infrastructure sectors as well.  When it needs to be done right, Westroc is the answer.